Everyone does it, but not everyone is us.


The foundation upon which FS Property Maintenance was established is providing a second to none repairs and maintenance service to our clients. Although the basic ideology behind this sector is indeed reactive upon issues we tend to prefer to take the necessary precautions needed to prevent a problem happening.

We make the most of every visit to a property carrying out ‘health checks’ on the most likely areas of failure to reduce the number of future call outs.

These are the services we provide:

  • Plumbling and Drainage
  • Heating and Electrical
  • Carpentry 
  • Glazing
  • Decorating


At FS Property Maintenance we offer flexible routine maintenance packages. Each model is tailored to our clients needs which employs an unparalleled level of efficiency for our clients. Allowing them to manage their maintenance budgets.

ARV (average repair value) model 

This model offers our clients the most control over their maintenance budgets by arranging a standard fee for all jobs. The client is provided with the prerogative that according to their budget they can choose a fixed price for each job. Be it a plumbing repair or a carpentry job, it will all be the same price.  

Sliding pricing scale relative to the repairs needed

This system is beneficial for both landlords and tenants alike  with a more adaptable budget since during our routine maintenance whatever repairs are needed we will provide the best price possible. This service is of course relative to the repairs that are required.


If you have an questions regarding our responsive maintenance service please contact: